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A sole player is zombified. The zombified player must seek out other players brains. After each player dies they are turned into zombies. Minecraft Infection is all about being the last player remaining to be claimed the winner. Features include COD style ranking system. 5 different maps, auto match making and ... brains. ZombieCraft is a winning formula. It is very easy to pick up and highly addicting. The thrill of finding great hidding locations and dodging zombies left and right to become the last remaining player is a rush. The auto matchmaking system allows matches to automatically be created with all players on the server so rounds are always going and if you login while a match has already started you will automatically be assigned a role of zombie or player. Coming soon to ZombieCraft is a scoreboard and VIP features like air strikes.
  Taking high ground is key on this server type. The player(s) that are zombies will become overwhelmed if there are a lot of players on high ground shooting below with projectiles (bows). Though killing the zombies is only a temporary solution as they just respawn. Though when a player kills a zombie they get rank points and these are used towards titles such as captain. The points also affect your ability to use the air strike feature.  
  Players are given iron chestplate and iron helmet also they receive an enchanted bow and sword. The zombies are fully equipped with chainmail and receive an iron sword. The zombies recieve a massive speed boost, allowing them to catch up with players easily. This is why it is very important for players to take strategic positions on the map such as being very high up so they can shoot the zombies as they swarm towards them.




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