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Simplicity is beautiful, Minecraft SkyBlock Allows players to create their floating paradise from the sky down. With features such as invites and block protection this server plugin was one of the very first to be featured in the minecraft community Includes PvP Arenas, Mob Spawn areas and Ender zones. There is a custom currency within the server Slime Balls that can be obtained through various tasks such as farming the Slime Ball arena where mobs spawn. Featured in other Minecraft Games There is a great tutorial area located in /warp tutorial that will show you how to create an obsidian generator which is the starting point of your skyblock. Small features like trading rooms where players can safely trade with each other their materials or the custom ender zones make this server very unique compared to other skyblock servers. I give credit to collinpotato for designing this minecraft skyblock server. This is his creation that he happily supported uberminecraft with.
  When you are spawned in the the server, We recommend you type /warp tutorial and go over the commands on the server. To create an island you type /island. If you ever want to return to the island just type /type. To leave your island and go back to the lobby type /island leave. There are more commands you can view in the command section. The SkyBlock island features a PvP arena where players can enter combat.  
  The cobblestone generator is something everyone who plays skyblock must understand. This allows you to create an infinite supply of cobblestone as long as you have a bucket, water and lava. Over time the water and lava create blocks of cobblestone when they hit each other. This gives the player a large supply of cobblestone to build with. But beware it is quite easy to setup the cobblestone generator improperly, please watch the video.




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