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Minecraft Prison server has a huge variety of features. 24 different mining blocks (A-Z) will keep you busy as there is a progression system where you must obtain a certain amount of money to unlock the next prison mine. In the spawn area there is a PVP area, the ability to fly, a shop, some small mines and various teleporters which bring you to locations such as: Bonus mine, Furnace Room, Casino, PVP Arena, Fishing Pond, Cells, Plots, Showers, Shop and the Black Market. The objective of the server is to progress through the 24 mines and earn your way back to freedom. The freedom part of the server is governed by the factions plugin. Some unique features is when you click blocks in the mine they explode and the items go directly to your inventory. The more you use the pickaxe the more mining power it has and the more blocks in destroys. Periodically you may receive a bonus mine key, this will give you limited timed access to the Bonus Mine where the best blocks on the server can be mined.
  The black market allows players to sell items to other players on the prison server. To do this you must click on an unoccupied rent sign located in the black market. This will cost some amount of money, however you will be able to make lots of money by selling your items to other players. You also have the ability to rent out prison cells located on the server. These cells are significantly more expensive and are rented for 30 day intervals. If you fail to rent the cell out every 30 days you will loose your items. There are also plots you can claim on the server, these plots do not cost money and are on it's own seperate world. You can access these plots but using the /warp command.  
  You will instantly have access to fly on the server, the /warp command will bring up various teleports you have access to on the server. When you think you have enough money to progress to the next mining block, use the /rankup command to automatically rank you up and teleport you to the next mining block. Each mining block looks siginicantly different from each other and usually has a theme. The higher ranked mining blocks like Block Z will have blocks you can sell for lots of money like diamond, gold, iron. Minecraft Prison server will keep you busy as it has tons of various features. It has a very nostalgic fell to the server. The leaderboard on the right of the screen will keep track of your money and the current mining block you're on.




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