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PirateCraft is a Uberminecraft exclusive that was programmed by wow4201 himself. This server type features, you guessed it Pirates! Join either the Pirates or castle defenders team. The Pirates all get spawned on the pirate ship where they can acquire building supplies, xp, tnt materials and equipment. All of that is spawned periodically inside of chests. The pirates have 30 minutes to destroy the emerald inside the castle defenders castle. To get to the castle the pirate must construct a bridge from the ship to the castle. During this period where the pirates are building the bridge the castle defenders can mine resources inside their castle to forge equipment. This is a preperation period for the castle defenders, they can also delay the pirates by knocking them off the bridge using arrows.
  This video highlights Uberminecraft and it's exclusive piratecraft game. The player here has been spawned on the pirate team and as you could see he utilizes the bridge building tool to help construct the glass bridge towards the castle with his team. Scattered across the top of the pirate ship there are chests full of armor and weapons. On the 1st lower deck there are mobs that spawn for pirates to collect xp and enchanting tables to use the xp. On the 2nd lower deck there are potions that spawn periodically to collect, on the 3rd deck there are crafting tables, when mobs die they drop tnt supplies, you can then use these supplies to start crafting tnt to be used later on the castle defenders castle when the bridge is fully constructed.  
  Castle Defenders have a very strong vantage point looking over the glass bridge. Defenders can position them self located high on the towers to snipe pirates off the bridge. Just like all of Uberminecraft's Minecraft Games there is a lot of strategy involved. The longer the defenders delay the pirates off the bridge the greater advantage the defenders have because they have more time to mine resources from their base and create powerful armor and weapons such as diamond swords. For this reason it is recommended that the pirates use grenades to knock the defenders off the towers to continue building their bridge. Around the castle there are teleporters for the defenders to use to easily get in and out of the castle. When the pirates fully construct the bridge they can then place tnt around the castle to blow it to pieces and gain entry to the emerald and blow that up. When TNT is placed castle defenders have 20 seconds to destroy it before it blows up. Castle defenders can also craft glass blocks to place around their emerald to make it more durable to tnt explosions.




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