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Featuring 64 arenas, 6 player ranks, leaderboards and 8 different map types. Players compete to be the last remaining soul survivor. Players are spawned in a circle around a group of chests. When the round starts can decided whether to risk the chances of looting the chests in the middle or immediatly avoid the battle that takes place for those chests. Chests are spread throughout the maps in hidden locations. When players are in the lobby they can choose to join 1 of 8 maps using the command /join #
  There are many features that are exclusive to uberminecraft that make this survival game server very fun to play. There are sound effects for events such as counting down the round and winning a game. Players are assisted in finding each other as lightning strikes the area of surviving players. Survival games are fully automated allowing players to play back to back matches. There are diseases and events that inflict damage to players that are random that help speed drawn out games come to a conclusion.  
  Having trouble finding your enemies? Use this compass to direct your player in the direction of other players. The compass will point in the direction of your enemies. Receive it upon upgrading your account through the store.




North America:(805) 202-4925
United Kingdom:020-3286-1891

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