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Play minecraft GTA server by playing on UberMC. In Minecraft GTA, there are 6 different 3D cars you can purchase, over 50+ weapons/items you can purchase. These same items can also be found in chests which respawn throughout the map. The rate these respawn is about once every 10 minutes. The higher quality items appear less frequently then cheap pistols. Also ammo appears significantly more frequently then actual guns. Alongside weapons/armor/items you can also find money inside chests. Killing players in game will also give you a percent of their money. They will loose this money as a result. When you purchase a car it will always be available to you. You will respawn with the vehicle next to you. To change vehicles just click on one of the ones you purchase at spawn. It will tell you then the vehicle has been activiated.
  The spawn area has a store to purchase all weapons and armor. There are five categories of weapons in this shop: Pistols, Shotguns, SMGs, Sniper Rifles and explosives. The are many different other categories of weapons in the second weapon shop. A food shop to purchase to replenish your food and health. A casino and car shop where you can purchase motorcycles, cars, quads and more. There is also an accessory shop to purchase jetpacks, rpgs, tasers, flame throwers, katanas and many more unique weapons. An acess The map takes place in a downtown city map. This map contains various landmarks such as, Police station, town hall, subway, harbor, factories, car repair shops and more. The map cannot be destroyed, but various parts may explode or become on fire if a player throws an explosive or flammable item. The downtown map is a great mix of chests, vehicles and building which you can use as strategic outposts to shoot other players.  
  There are various unique features to the Minecraft GTA server. There is a wanted system which shows how many wanted stars you have when you kill another player. The more wanted stars you have the more frequently cops will harass you. Cops are extremely hard to kill and it's best to evade them. The stars will appear above your health in game. It will also appear in text on your screen just as you kill another player. When you're near any explosives such as grenades or a mine, a warning will appear on your screen to give you some time to evade the explosion to reduce damage. When vehicles receive damage they will light on fire and drive slower. Crate keys allow you to unlock ultra rare weapons and the keys can be obtained free in game.




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