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Minecraft Factions Commands

 /f create [faction tag] Creates a new faction, you will be that faction admin. 
 /f join [faction name]Joins a faction with the given name. 
 /f map *[on|off]Displays an ascii map inside your chat window. If you specify on it will automatically update periodically. 
 /f powerShows your own power. 
 /f leaveLeaves the current faction to which you belong. 
 /f show,who *[faction tag]Displays a factions detailed information. 
 /f chat,cToggles factions only chat. 
 /f homeTeleports you back to your factions home. 
 /f list,ls *[page]Shows a list of factions 
 /f claimClaims the current chunk of land where you are standing. 1 chunk of land requires 1 power (/f power). 
 /f claim [faction=your] [radius=1]Claims a radius of land around you. 
 /f autoclaimClaims land while your player walks around. 
 /f unclaimUnclaims the chunk you are standing on for your faction. Only a faction admin or moderator can do this. 
 /f owner *[player name]Sets or removes ownership of land connected to a player within your faction. 
 /f ownerlistDisplays the owners of land where you are standing. 
 /f kick [Player Name]Kicks a player from your faction. 
 /f mod [Player Name]Gives a player mod abilities in your faction. 
 /f admin [Player name]Hands over your admin rights to another player. 
 /f title [Player name] *[Title]Sets a chat prefix title for the player in your faction. 
 /f ally [Faction Name]Sets another faction as your ally. 
 /f enemy [Faction Name]Sets another factions as your enemy. 
 /f neutral [Faciton Name]Sets another faction as a neutral. 
 /f money [Faction Name]Shows your factions bank balance. 
 /f money [Amount] [Faction Name]Deposists some of your money into your factions bank. 
 /f withdraw [Amount] [Faction Name]Withdraws money from your factions bank. 
 /f money ff [Amount] [Faction1] [Faction2]Transfers money from faction1 to faction2. 
 /f money fp [Amount] [Faction] [Player]Transfers money from faction to player. 
 /f money pf [Amount] [Player] [Faction]Transfers money from player to faction. 
 /f tag [Faction-Tag]Changes your factions tag. 
 /f openSwitches whether or not your faction is open to public. 
 /f desc [description]Changes your factions description. 
 /f invite [Player]Invites a player to your faction 
 /f deinvite [Player]Removes invitation to player. 
 /f sethomeSets your factions home location. 
 More Commands
 [CHESTSHOP BUY]Allows you to buy from a chest shop by right clicking the sign. 
 [CHESTSHOP CREATE]Allows you to create you very own chest shop. 
 [CHESTSHOP SELL]Allows you to sell to a chest shop by left clicking the sign. 
 /backTeleports you back to where you last died. 
 /balanceDisplays your money in chat. 
 /compassDisplays the direction your facing (N E S W) and degree. 
 /depthDisplays how many block above sea level you are. 
 /getpostDisplays the exact xyz position you are standing 
 /help,/help 2,/help 3Displays a list of available commands and descriptions. 
 /helpop [message]Sends the message to the server OP for help. 
 /home,/sethome [homename]Teleports you to your home! set home with /sethome home 
 /home [playername] [homename]Teleports you to someone elses home. 
 /ignore [playername]Ignores a player from sending you messages. 
 /info Bindsthe info command to your selected tool. Displays info of block. 
 /kit residenceReceive wooden axe to mark pos1 and pos2 before using the /res create command. 
 /kit toolsReceive basic tools. 
 /listLists the players online. 
 /motdDisplays the servers set message of the day. 
 /msg [toplayer] [message]Sends a message to a specific player. 
 /pay [playername] [amount]Pays a player the given amount. 
 /pingDetects the lag between you and the server. Server is hosted in USA. 
 /rReplies back to a player that sent you a message. 
 /rulesDisplays server rules. 
 /seenDisplays last logout time of a player. 
 /sethome [homename],/homeSets the teleport location when you type /home. 
 /spawnTeleports you to the server main city. 
 /suicideKills your player (You don't loose items/xp) great if your stuck. 
 /tpa [playername]Requests another player if you can teleport to them. 
 /tpacceptAccepts a teleport request. 
 /tpdenyDenies a teleport request. 
 /warp [warpname]Teleports you to a warp destination. 
 [PREFIX]Your chat text is gray. 
 Plus Commands
 ciClears out your entire Inventory. 
 kit minimasonGives you 4 of each Mason Blocks 
 kit mininatureGives you 4 of each Nature Blocks. 
 kit miniobsGives you 2 Obsidian Blocks. 
 kit minioreGives you 2 of each Ore Blocks. 
 kit miniwoodGives your 4 of each Wood Blocks 
 kit miniwoolGives your 4 of each Wool Blocks. 
 topTeleports you to the block that highest above your head. 
 warpDisplays a list of all the warps available. 
 flyToggles fly mode. Hold Shift and look up! Release shift to remain hovering. Type /fly again to disable. 
 Increased protected residence limits! [25x25x9] Max 4 Residences! 
 [RESERVE]Allows you to join the server when the server is full. 
 Enhanced Commands
Enhanced receives Plus Commands also. 
 !MessageBroadcasts to the entire server your chat/message. 
 /heal [playername],/healHeals you or selected target back to full health. 
 /jumpMoves you to the location you are pointed at. 
 /kit diamondGives you all Diamond Weapons/Gear 
 /kit smallmasonGives you 8 of each Mason Blocks. 
 /kit smallnatureGives you 8 of each Nature Blocks. 
 /kit smallobsGives you 4 Obsidian Blocks 
 /kit smalloreGives your 4 of each Ore Blocks. 
 /kit smallwoodGives you 8 of each Wood Blocks. 
 /kit smallwoolGives you 8 of each Wool Blocks. 
 /kit torchGives you 32 Torches 
 /timeDisplays server time 
 /time day,/time nightChanges the time of day to night or day. 
 [+5 Faction Power]Ability to have more faction power for claiming more land. 
 /god,/ungodToggles god mode. You are now invincible! 
 /hatPut the item selected in your inventory on your head. 
 /unhatRemoves the block from your head. 
 /kit mediummasonGives you 20 of each Mason Blocks. 
 /kit mediumnatureGives you 20 of each Naure Blocks. 
 /kit mediumobsGives you 10 Obsidian Blocks. 
 /kit mediumoreGives you 10 of each Ore Blocks. 
 /kit mediumwoodGives your 20 of each Wood Blocks. 
 /kit mediumwoolGives you 20 of each Wool Blocks. 
 /lightningStrikes down lightning at your location. 
 /setwarp [warpname]Allows you to set warp points for other players to use. use /warp [warpname] to teleport to your new setwarp. 
 /thunder [duration]Starts thunder for the given duration. 
 /tp [playername],/tp [playername] [Your Name]Teleports you to a player, or teleports a player to you. 
 /love [duration]Displays floating hearts around your player. 
 [SERVERSIGNS][Signs particularly in the XP Temple can be right clicked to gain XP/MONEY. 
 [+10 Faction Power]Have more faction power to claim land. 
 GM Commands
GM receives SubGM, Enhanced, Plus Commands also. 
 /chestOpens up your mobile chest. 
 /saveSaves contents in mobile chest. 
 /workbenchOpens mobile workbench. 
 /bjump #Increases your jump height to #. Type /bjump to reset to normal. 
 /speed #Increases your movement speed to #. Type /speed to reset to normal. 
 /kit largemasonGives you 32 of each Mason Blocks. 
 /kit largenatureGives you 32 of each Nature Blocks. 
 /kit largeobsGives you 16 Obsdian Blocks. 
 /kit largeoreGives you 16 of each Ore Blocks. 
 /kit largewoodGives you 32 of each Wood Blocks. 
 /kit largewoolGives your 32 of each Wool Blocks. 
 /fix allRepairs all the gear in your inventory 
 /sethome [homename]Allows you to set an unlimited amount of homes, use /home [homename] to teleport to your new sethome. 
 [Ride/Control Pigs]Use a saddle to jump on a pig and ride him with a carrot on a stick. 
 [+15 Faction Power]Increased Faction power for claiming land. 
 SubAdmin Commands
SubAdmin receives GM, SubGM, Enhanced, Plus Commands also. 
 [CHAT COLOR]Allows you to add color to your messages sent using color codes 
 /kick [playername]Kicks player from server. 
 /kit giantmasonGives you 64 of each Mason Blocks. 
 /kit giantnatureGives you 64 of each Nature Blocks. 
 /kit giantobsGives you 32 Obsidian Blocks. 
 /kit giantoreGives you 32 of each Ore Blocks. 
 /kit giantwoodGives you 64 of each Wood Blocks. 
 /kit giantwoolGives you 64 of each Wool Blocks. 
 /spawnmob cavespider [amount]Spawns given amount of Cavespiders! At location your pointing to. 
 /spawnmob chicken [amount]Spawns given amount of Chickens! At location your pointing to. 
 /spawnmob cow [amount]Spawns given amount of Cows! At location your pointing to. 
 /spawnmob creeper [amount]Spawns given amount of creeper! At location your pointing to. 
 /spawnmob enderman [amount]Spawns given amount of Enderman! At location your pointing to. 
 /spawnmob ghast [amount]Spawns given amount of Ghasts! At location your pointing to. 
 /spawnmob mushroomcow [amount]Spawns given amount of Mooshroomcows! At location your pointing to. 
 /spawnmob ocelot [amount]Spawns given amount of Ocelots! At location your pointing to. 
 /spawnmob pig [amount]Spawns given amount of Pigs! At location your pointing to. 
 /spawnmob pigzombie [amount]Spawns given amount of Pig Zombies! At location your pointing to. 
 /spawnmob sheep [amount]Spawns given amount of Sheep! At location your pointing to. 
 /spawnmob skeleton [amount]Spawns given amount of Skeletons! At location your pointing to. 
 /spawnmob spider [amount]Spawns given amount of Spiders! At location your pointing to. 
 /spawnmob villager [amount]Spawns given amount of Villagers! At location your pointing to. 
 /spawnmob wolf [amount]Spawns given amount ofWolves! At location your pointing to. 
 /spawnmob zombie [amount]Spawns given amount of Zombies! At location your pointing to. 
 /tptoggleEnable/Disable the ability for users to teleport to you. 
 [UNLIMITED]Allows the unlimited placing of items. 
 /GodItemsSends you a Randomized God Items once every 3 1/2 hr. Chance to roll for Pristine/Perfect God Items! 
 /color [red/blue/ect..]Toggles the color of your chat text. 
 [+20 Faction Power]Increased faction power for claiming land. 
 [SPAWNEGGS]Gives you the ability to use spawn eggs. 
 Admin Commands
Admin receives SubAdmin, GM, SubGM, Enhanced, Plus Commands also. 
 /blazeDisplays flames around your character 
 /enderCreates an Ender effect below you! 
 /smokeCreates a smoke effect around you! 
 /spawnmob enderdragonSpawns an Enderdragon! At location your pointing to. 
 /spawnmob giantSpawns a Giant! At location your pointing to. 
 /weather sun,/weather sky,/weather stormManipulates the weather on the server. 
 /slap [playername]Slap the player knocking him up! 
 [ADMIN PREFIX][Admin] Beside your name. 
 /spr colorsDisplays all the color codes for when your doing your own Prefix/Suffix 
 /spr p m [prefix],/spr s m [suffix]Allows you to creature a custom Prefix/Suffic beside your name.ex.[SuperAdmin] 
 [+30 Faction Power]Increased Faction power for claiming land. 


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