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Primarly an epic PvP Battleground where players can create factions/guilds. Factions claim territory. Alliances can be made and also enemies. Declare war on another faction to pillage their claimed territory and dominate the leaderboards to become the most dominant faction in the uberminecraft lands. There is a very good economy system implemented on minecraft factions that allows players to buy and sell their good from the spawn areas market. Unique features on this server are farming areas located around the server that allow players to mine previous ore that regenerates itself over time. Also there are animals such as pigs, chickens and cows that spawn in closed off fencing areas. Apples also drop from the mini forest area near the mining mountain. Very important features that make this faction server realistic and fair. Is that if you are attacking a player and they decide to log off from the game to prevent them from dieing. They will automatically drop all their items and will be dead when they log back in. Bond with your fellow players to establish guilds, provided lots of your guild members are online this will give you guild the advantage of claiming land more frequently to expand your empire. Released in january 2013 minecraft factions has remained one of the most popular Minecraft Games on our network. We invite you to login and conquer the battlefield. Put your PvP skills to the test on our server.
  In this youtube video example, It shows how You can join other factions, which are groups that take over territories. Declaring all out war on your enemie factions is featured in this game, if the enemy faction to weak to defend their base you can raid their territory, and steal all their items. Get many players to join your faction and your faction will gain lots of faction power that allows you to take over your enemies regions with ease.  
  In this screenshot a player issued the /f claim command for their faction "Wilderness" it cost him $50 after he claimed his entire land. The /f claim command will claim the chunk (16x16 blocks) that you are currently standing on for your faciton. Players who do not have a faction, or are a neutral faction cannot hurt you on your claimed land.
All players start off with 10 faction player, 1 faction power will allow a player to claim 1 chunk. When a player joins a faction this will increase the power available to the players in that faction. For example a 5 person faction will have 50 power which allows them to claim a maximum of 50 chunks. If you die power will be lost for your faction. Power will regenerate at a very slow but constant rate. If your faction power drops below how many chunks your faction has claimed then the chunks of land your faction has captured now become vulnerable to being stolen by neutral or enemy factions




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