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Lucky Skywars is UberMC's most unique and featured game mode. Skywars puts each player on their own island with a chest and items. There are 12 kits, you can select to use two per game. The objective is to be the last player alive. You can reach other peoples islands by holding down shift and building blocks slowly towards them. Alternatively you may find an enderpearl and throw that at the enemies island to instantly teleport yourself there. There are over 8 different maps and the items and enchantments on items is randomized each game. There is generally an enchantment table located somewhere on the map, since killing players and animals alike will drop Expierence orbs.
  A few Lucky blocks spawn on each players island. Lucky Blocks have a question mark on them and hitting them activates 1 out of 200 different events, it also gives you some coins you can spend on the coin well. Ranging from overpowered items from spawning, wands which can shoot fireballs, creeper, tnt. To blocks dropping all over your island which you may have to avoid. Bosses may also spawn out of the Lucky Blocks. The 200 different surprices makes every game truly unique and gives a challenge to even the most veteraned players. Lucky Blocks will always drop at least one kind of weapon or armor. The higher quality armor and weapons like diamond appear less frequently. The items can also spawn with enchantments already on them. These enchantments can be as powerful as sharpness V but it's rare.  
  Each skywars game runs on it's own server to guarantee a lag free expierence. There is an ELO ranking system to determine how you compare to other players. There is a coin well in spawn where you can spend coins you earn in game. When you spend coins a wheel will spin, and land on a reawrd you will win. The rewards are as follows, Kits, Custom Spawn Cells, Instant Items and Coin Jackpots. There are 12 different kits. Jack of all trades, Carpenter, Medic, Mad Chemist, Hardcore, Enchanted, Marksman, Endershifted, Scholar, Blacksmith, Fisherman and Lucky. You can choose two kits per game for awesome synergy to add many different strategies to Lucky Sky Wars. You can spawn in custom cool cells like obsidian surrounded in lava or being surrounded by monster spawners, these are unlockable in the coin well. Instant items take effect on your next game and the effect of the item is shown on the items tooltip.




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United Kingdom:020-3286-1891

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