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Like building huge fortresses with other players? Slaying evil monsters to protect your fortress? Dwarves vs Zombies has up to 100 players join a game together as dwarves and come together to build the ultimate fortress to protect the shrine against monsters. When a player is spawned into a game they are given a certain dwarf class chosen by random (Builder, Alchemist, Tailor and more!) If the player has VIP they can choose the class before entering the game. Dwarves share a global storage called the nexus that any dwarf can access. This is where teamwork comes in play, for instance if your class is a blacksmith you can make all sorts of armor and weapons and place them in the nexus for your team mates to receive. Any class can place blocks down and contribute to building the ultimate fortress.
  The Camping Rusher shows in this video just how complex and fun Dwarves vs Zombies is. After 20 minutes of the round starting, If a dwarf dies they then become 1 out of 10 monsters. When a player becomes a monster they gain access to multiple spells to cast to give them a distinct advantage over a dwarf. For instance if a player gets spawned as a chicken they can fly around the map and shoot dwarves to kill them. The main objective of the monsters is to destroy the shrine located in the dwarves base. However if the dwarves kill about 500 monsters before the shrine is destroyed the dwarves win the game.  
  When the round starts a shrine is automatically generated on the map. The dwarves can build within about 50 blocks of the shrine and there are certain limitations to how close around the shrine a dwarf can place blocks. As seen in the screenshot players are scrambling around progressing the construction of their fortress. While other dwarves are collecting resources around the map such as flowers to transmute into a variety of different crafting items based on their class. Each class has a manual they receive in their inventory to show what they need to transmute items and what their ultimate contribution to their team is.




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