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All players can build up to 7 massive 70x70 plots. You can also merge the plots together to creative a mega plot. The Plots are grief free and allow you to add people to build on them. There is a Plot GUI item in your inventory to manage your plot easily. You can spawn mobs and create redstone on your plots. You may alter the plots biome for specific weather effects. There is full access to creative mode including the new blocks. All physics are enabled.
  All players have access to 1500+ custom blocks. It's an item in your inventory that opens a GUI with 12 different categories of custom blocks. You may also search for a certain block using the GUI. Characters, Food, Alphabet, Games, Pokemon, Colors, Interior, Devices and much more! These blocks allow you to personalize your plots with your own style. With 1500 new blocks at your disposal, you can create very unique plots and roleplays. There is no limit to how many of these blocks you can place and we encourage creative use of them on your plots. There are always new heads being added, you can hold them, place them, drop them, wear them on your head.  
  Roleplays and group build projects are very popular in the creative server minecraft game. We have added the commands /rp and /build these open a GUI menu where you can register and look for roleplay and build events that are going on in the server. We also allow users to use chat to advertise their roleplay events. You may also just click on the roleplay and build signs at the spawn to easily open the menus. You have to be standing on your plot to regsiter your roleplay or build. You may view all the roleplays and builds from anywhere. It allows you to set a Name set a description and give your event an icon.)




North America:(805) 202-4925
United Kingdom:020-3286-1891

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