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Join the server where games start every few minutes. The server is fully automatic and keeps games going. A Team of cops and a team of robbers are faced off in a round of cops and robbers. The map is based off the original cops and robbers map featured in most youtube videos. Each team has it's advantages. This game mode is 50% strategy and 50% a social experiment. Use your social witt to exploit the other teams weaknesses to complete your objective. There are various different rooms on the map that contain secret passages. Learn these secret passages and become the ultimate cops and robbers player.
  The Cops team consists of 1-5 players. This depends on how many robbers are currently playing. Cops have full diamond armor, stun baton, knockback baton. They are spawned outside the prison cells and are to carry on prison cop duties. Basically boss around the prisoners and if they don't do as asked then you may use your tools at your disposal to punish them. There are systems in place to prevent highly abusive cops from being placed on the cops team to prevent abuse. Cops have ability to unlock cells and enter them. Cops must prevent the prisoners from escaping the prison. The prison contains lots of hidden passages which the cops will have to monitor. Many of the switches are located in cops only rooms. The cops don't exactly know what the prisoners are communicating or trading behind the cells. Cops have about 5 minutes to prevent the escaping of the robbers when the game starts. If you die as a cop, you will be respawned as a spectator. If you're the last cop to die, the robbbers will be declared winners.  
  The robbers team will consist of about 80% of the players. You will not have many items to start with, but there are ways to acquire items in your cell. There is also a global trading storage you can access inside your cell. This is the enderchest item and it opens up the Trading Vent. Here you can pass off any items, any prisoner will have access to these items. Communication with your teammates is very important on how to distract the guards to get passed them. They will generally be guarding the hallway which leads to hidden passages where you can escape the prison. If guards ask you to do something like go to the cafeteria, it's a good idea to obey their orders, as they have diamond swords and tasers to punish players. You must navigate secret passages to escape the prison, some of the passageways will open if you find certain wall switches and buttons. The prison can be very confusing to navigate but after a few games you will have a good idea of different strategies to use to navigate the prison. Outside of the prison there is a ship waiting for you. If you reach this ship you will be declared a winner, and will enter spectator mode until the round is over. This usually takes a few minutes.




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