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Jan 27th 2012
Unban Your Account  

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Contact us by email

Support Email
If your account has been banned, please use the "Unban" tool on this page to have your account
automatically unbanned. If you have surpassed your daily limit for unbans, you must wait. I will not unban your account
if you email me. Any other requests other then unbans can be sent to this email.

Business/Advertising Email
If you have a business deal to propose Uberminecraft, ecspecially advertising deals please contact the email below.
Uberminecraft is always looking for new ways to reach new audiences whether it's youtube videos, social media or websites.
We are very intersted in these kind of deals.

Donator's Only Phone Support
USA USA Contact (805) 202-4925
UK UK Flag 020 3286 1891
AUS AUS Flag (02) 8003 6908
Skype My status
This will be answered as long as I'm on the computer.
It is not 24/7 support
Calls answered: 93


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