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Your island has a genrator that spawns iron/gold. You can buy weapons, armor, potions, tnt, island defenders, eggs and more with iron and gold. There are diamond and emerald generator spread out in the map, that you have to fight for against other players. Diamonds can be used to buy upgrades for your island (faster generators, add emerald generator, armor enchantments, weapon enchantments, base traps and more). Emeralds can be used to buy premium weapons/armor and potions. There's a bed on your island protect it! if you die and your bed is still on your island, you will respawn. You can place blocks around your bed to protect it.
  You earn loot chests when you level up! You level up every 1-2 games and it's based on xp you gain for kills, wins, games played and beds destroyed. Loot chests will unlock cosmetics like name tags beside your name, kill messages and more. You can view your solo and team stats in the arena, as well as leaderboards next to the bedwars game npcs. The loot chest system is very unique, see the picture. Join the bedwars server and 2 free loot chests will be waiting for you to unlock!  
  There are solo and team modes available to join in the lobby. Just click the npc depending which mode you want to join. When you are teleported to the bedwars game instance, then you can choose what team color you want to join. This makes it easy to play with friends on the same team. Teams will be shown on the right side of the game. Working together as a team is very important, sometimes it's best to give team members a role like getting diamonds/emeralds and it's always good to have a defender. 3vs3 and 4vs4 modes will be added soon!




North America:(805) 202-4925
United Kingdom:020-3286-1891

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