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Choose one of 10 unique classes in this action packed hard hitting minecraft mini game. Knock your opponents off the ledge of 1 of 6 maps. Featuring the same items featured in the original including a poke ball. Each class is very unique, including appearance. Face up to four players on a map. Each player receives 5 lives. When a player is hit off the map they loose a life and are returned to the map. This plugin features an automatic match making system. You can also choose which map you will play on and be paired with players who also want to play on that map. If you are the fan of the original this is authentic to it's origins. This server is based off of seth blings original map but is much better and automatic.
  Awesome features including double jump which allows you to clutch yourself back onto the map after being knocked off. An scoreboard displayed in chat displaying the lives of each players remaining. There is even a bat item that shatters your opponent into oblivion. There is also the infamous hammer item that knocks everyone that comes close to you off the map.  
  The lobby has a VIP exclusive area where players can choose custom VIP classes. You must purchase VIP to gain access to these features. There is a section in the lobby with signs where you can choose which map queue you wish to join when being placed in match making. You can also double jump your heart out as this is enabled in the lobby.




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