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This is a fully automated server that simulates playing Team Fortress 2 inside of minecraft. Inspired by the very popular map created by Seth Bling only there is no longer any redstone requirement. When a player logs in, they are spawned inside the lobby, they can then click a sign and get randomly assigned a team and teleported to their spawn area. Players can choose their class from within the lobby.
  The Blue teams objective is to defend their bases caputure points. Just like the original the red team's job is to attack and capture the blue capture points. If the blue team keeps it's capture points defended for the entire time limit of the map then they win. If the red team manages to capture all the blue points then the red team would win.  
  Players can choose a variety of custom classes, Including VIP classes. Time limits are enabled, Your XP bar displays thes capture points status that you are attempting to capture. The amount of kills you have is displayed as your level. Players are balances between the blue and red teams.




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