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Team based objective game mode where you must seek out the bomb in your opponents base and light their fuse. Your opponents must defuse the bomb before it runs out of time and explodes. Select special classes to gain strategic advantage over the other team. In minecraft search and destroy you must work as a team. The items in game that represent the tools to manipulate the bomb are the following. The shears allows you to cut the fuse on the bomb when it is lit by the enemey team. This will stop the countdown but when the bomb is lit again by the enemy it will count down from where it last left off. The Blaze powder is used as the fuse, you simply must right click the bomb and stand in one place for 4 seconds to get the search and destroy bomb started. This is a great feature in Minecraft Search and Destroy to prevent players from doing run by spam clicks on your bomb. There are different tactics you must consider when forming your teams stradegy to have your enemies bomb destroyed.In search and destroy if you find your enemy is grouping in large numbers around their bomb and camping it. Using AOE damage tactics like splash potions or grenades are highly effective. Also using ranged weapons such as the bow is a great way to counter a team camping their base. There are scoreboard and new maps in developement for the server.
  There are chests placed around the map that provide you with an advantage. They are filled with grenades, armor, weapons and more. The items in this chest do not replenish so the early bird gets the worm. Remembering the positions of these chests and planning out a route to get to them is very important. This is the only way to get grenades which is important to give massive AOE damage to those that camp their bomb.  
  When overwhelmed by enemies a smart strategy is to hit the enemies away since they have to stand still for 3 seconds to light the fuse. This should be the number one priority as a defender. To focus on multiple enemies that come at the bomb with the fuse and bat them away. This is under the scenario that you are left alone to defend the bomb.




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