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Based on the original dayz mod. This puts players to the challenge of building up enough gear found through loot distributed in villages. Watch out for player bandits as they run rampant across the map looking to grief other players. Hold down a fortress from zombies that are scattered across the map. The bandit system is very intelligent and labels players as bandits only if they are the ones causing mischief. For instance in minecraft dayz if another player initiates combat. Then the defending player will not be labeled as a bandit if they kill the attacking player. There is also a great system in place that allows bandits to become neutral over time. Bandits, neutral, and healers are all visually indicated to the players by the color of their name tag above their head. This makes it very easy to detect players that you may want to avoid or players that you can establish alliances with. A new map is currently under developement. The new minecraft dayz map will feature an 8000x8000 map features 10 different biomes and various unique landmarks. This map is expected to be released around may 1st 2013.
  Bandits are players that have a red tag above their head. These players earned this tag by killing neutral players on the server. The bandits can have the red tag removed if they no longer kill players for a duration of 20 minutes per player killed. Neutral players are encouraged to kill the bandits and they will not be turned into bandits for doing so. Uberminecraft loves to keep our Minecraft Games balanced, Healers can also kill bandits without any kind of penalty. Being neutral shows players that you don't backstab or kill players for no reason. If you end up killing a neutral or healer player you will receive that red tag and players will start attacking you. So be prepared if you wish to engage in such behavior and deal with what will come.  
  Chests are hidden usually inside of buildings. After 20 minutes after the chest has been opened, random contents will be placed in the chest. More rare items such as diamond gear has a lower chance of spawning inside the chests. More common items such as food, leather, wood and healing potions are frequently placed in these containers.




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