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Blue vs Red. Capture your opponents flag located across the map in their base. Custom Classes including Gladiator, monk, healer, tank, shield thief and archer. Give this game mode a reborn classic expierence. Featuring 3 unique maps including team fortress. This high pace thrilling server is action packed. When the player picks up the flag, their head color will change to the minecrafrt ctf flag they picked up. Also a flame will surround the player to indicate to their opponents of the flag carrier. Also lightning will strike down around the player who has to flag to help teams locate their opponents. The CTF server is a server that features an dynamic join system. Meaning if a game is in progress and a player logs in, they will be teleported to either team depending on the player count of each team. This ensures for great epic battlegrounds that stay fast paced.There are curretly 3 Minecraft CTF portals featured on the Uberminecraft hub. This server is the very first to feature our stable matchmaking system that many other portals are based off of.
  The 3 Capture the Flag maps that are featured on the server are decided upon how many players there are that joined the game. The most popular one as show in the video is Capture the Flag, this is a great CTF map that is very tightly constructed. With multiple pathways to your enemies flag this map offers a lot of different strategy. Also shown in the video there is a scoreboard on the left side of the game that shows how many points each team has scored.  
  Players that right click their enemies flag now become the flag bearer. Flames spawn all around the player to let enemies know who has their flag. Also lightning is struck periodically on the player to show enemies at a distance who has their flag. There are many different classes and for those who wish to capture the flag quickly may choose the monk class since their receive a large speed bonus




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