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Freedom and exploration is the primary objective of Minecraft Survival. Explore the vasts lands unrestricted and build yourself great block creations and have them protected with our reversioned resident plugin. This server features the widest variety of plugins and is very relaxed. Uberminecraft build is the original flavor of uberminecraft. There are 24 dungeons to party up and explore through to gain legendary loot. Dontaor lots spread all around the spawn area. All sorts of shops spread out around. Explore players shops spread within the ikea shop. Some of the very first players and most recognizable still frequent this server. The Uberminecraft build server provides all sorts of nostalgia that brings minecraft back to its roots of obtaining various different blocks and building some of the most deep towns around the server and establishing your own sub culture to invite other players to take part in.
  Uberminecraft Build has a large variety of things to do. This server is what uberminecraft originated from. The primary function of this server is building. Though there are dungeons to explore with party functions built in, mob arenas and more. If you're a fan of what minecraft servers use to be then minecraft build is the server for you.  
  By typing /warp antigrief you will be brought to the anti-grief palace. In this building there contains all the information you need to know about protecting your minecraft creations with the residence plugin. The process is very simple and only involves a wooden axe to select the corners of your minecraft creations and the command /res create players that paid for higher ranks can protect a large area of land and this is recommended to protect yourself against griefers.




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