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Mine Strike is inspired by the original. This game includes guns, grenades, bombs and more. Players are divided into two teams. The Terrorists and the Counter Terrorists. The Terrorists are spawned with one of them having the bomb. That player can make their way to the A or B bombsite and place the bomb there. The bomb will detonate after 30 seconds of the bomb being placed. The counter terrorists then have the opportunity to defuse the bomb before the bombsite blows up.
  When you kill a player you receive money. With this money at the start of each round there are signs to purchase a variety of different guns. The gun selection is different for each team. Meaning terrorists have access to the powerful but inaccurate AK47 gun while the counter terrorists have access to the fast and precise m4a1. There is also a defusal kit for the counter terrorists to purchase that will speed up the rate at which they defuse the bomb. Grenades are available to both teams.  
  There are the same maps you love on the original. Including the over played de_dust and the exotic de_aztec. Each map stays true to the original including the same bomb site positions, bridges, crates, steps and overlooks. We are hoping to implement some new maps and new guns.




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