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Minecraft Glossary


CraftBukkit is a the distributed minecraft server file provided by Mojang, The community has reverse engineered this file consistantly to keep up with the minecraft updates. The community has done this to add many features that allow a minecraft server to be run fully customized to the admins desire. The most important feature is the ability to include and run "Plugins" on your server. The CraftBukkit dev team has been officially supported by the creators of minecraft Mojang as they play an important role in the success of the minecraft community. Although starting off Mojang was initially unsure if such a community would become a competitor. CraftBukkit is written in javascript.


Plugins are simply just extension modules to the craftbukkit server that hook into various different events such as when a player clicks a block, or when the player moves. It will execute code, this code can be for a variety of purposes. For instance you can disable players from talking by hooking into the "AsyncPlayerChatEvent" and scripting the event to cancel. On a more complex side you can hook into many events and create unique Minecraft Games. Plugins are developed in javascript and are distributed in jar format. To add a plugin to your craftbukkit server you simply place the jar in your plugins folder.


A Griefer is a player that wants to cause destruction and harm in their path within the game. Griefing is ethically wrong on some server types while in others it's expected and possible an objective to the game. an example where griefing is considered wrong is if the server type is similar to the Uberminecraft Build server. Where the objective is to build cool minecraft creations, protect them using the residence plugin and just hang out. Well However some griefers may find exploits within the server to bypass the protection or use clever tactics to outsmart the protection system and destroy another players creation. This is considered an ethically wrong griefer. Griefing in a server such as Minecraft Factions is actually the main objective as the idea is to take over each others bases. Griefing is a popular concept within the minecraft community despite its stigma, there are entire communities formed around the concept.

Residence Plugin:

The residence plugin has been used on uberminecraft since the beginning. Residence protects players block creations from griefers quite easily. The player in game simply has to use a wood axe to left click the first corner, and left click the second corner and type /res create name. Residence has been quite dependable that it doesn't crash very often. Recently I have actually prevented servers from loading if residence can't load the saved files to prevent players creations from being griefed. With residence you can allow specific players to be able to build/destroy within your residence.

Capture The Flag:

Capture the flag is an arena team objective game style. Players are divided into two seperate teams red and blue. The objective of each team is to capture the opponents flag located in their enemies base. Upon capturing your enemies flag you must run it back to your base and provided your flag is still in your teams base, you will score a point.

Survival Games:

You are placed into a arena with 30-80 other players. There is generally a pile of chests in the center of all those players. When the round starts all players must either Run towards those chests and fast the consequences of being in such a dense battlefield where they may have a disadvatage in their attempt to acquire gear from those chests. Or they may choose to scatter outward from the center in hope of finding hidden chests full of gear. The idea is to be the final survivor of all the players in the arena. Searching for food is an important task. Players can acquire food from animals spawned throughout the map, in chests or off the backs of their enemies.

DOTA/League of Legends/LOL:

DOTA is a 5vs5 MOBA style battleground. The players are divided into teams given an initial amount of gold. They can spend this on gear within the games shop. The objective is to progress to the otherside of the map where the enemies base is located. Along the way there are towers that must be destroyed with the help of your minions that move towards the enemies base. It's crucial that the towers are attacking your minions while you are attacking the towers. This way the player doesn't take huge damage from the tower. There are 3 towers in each lane and 3 lanes. This makes 9 towers that you have to destroy before destroying the nexus in the enemies base. A player can gain additional gold to purchase items in their bases shop. They can get that gold by killing enemy players, enemy minions or enemy towers.

Minecraft DayZ:

In DayZ the player essentially starts with only the backpack on their shoulders. The environment is plagued with zombies, sometimes the zombies form in hordes. It's essential the player finds food and gear hidden throughout the buildings and unique areas around the map. The chests contain randomly generated gear. More valuable such as diamond armor has a very low chance of being spawned in the chests. Players can decide to work together an be neutral with other players against the zombies. Players can also decide to become bandits griefing other players along their path in attempt of gaining their acquired gear.


In SkyBlock minimalism is key. Every player starts with their own floating piece of land which is known as a "SkyBlock". You start with a tree on your island, and some tools. The idea is to start from that and build it into a huge floating paradise to invite your friends to. There are key concepts to follow to ensure success to expanding your island. You can follow these steps by using /warp tutorial.

Search and Destroy:

This game mode is an team based arena battleground. The objective is to seek out the TNT Bomb in your opponents base and ignite the fuse to set it off. The fuse will count down from 30 seconds when the fuse is light. The opponent can then defuse their bomb using sheers. If the fuse gets light up again it will start counting down where it last left off. When the opponents bomb blows up your team wins and the round is restarted.

Minecraft Infected:

In infected, all players are spawned together in the same arena. One player chosen to be the initial zombie. It is this players job to kill the surrounding players to turn them into zombies. When you are turned into a zombie you gain additional speed and damage. The last player to survive from the zombie outbreak becomes to winner of that round.

Minecraft Factions:

Band together with other players and establish factions/guilds to increase your ability to take over neighboring regions. This game mode is primarly GvG (Guild vs Guild). The larger your faction the more ability you have to take over your enemies regions. Create forts and castles to protect your fellow solidiers. While pillaging other guilds creations and taking over their land.

Uberminecraft Build:

Also known as the build server. The same map that started it all, since novemeber of 2011 Uberminecraft opened and many changes were made to this map which still stands today. This is a server where players can just hang out with their friends and create whatever they desire. There is an economy on a very small scale but this server makes it very easy to acquire all the blocks you need. Featuring over 26 custom scripted dungeons, players can crawl through these dungeons in serach of loot. Parties are supported in the dungeon mode and makes for great multiplayer fun. Shops surround the spawn area where players can buy and sell materials. Also players can use the chest shop plugin to setup their own custom shops. Residence is also implemented so players can protect their block creations using the /res create name command.

Craft Bros:

Craft bros is a very advanced plugin and features many custom features. It is based of the game Super Smash Bros. Where players are able to choose a character that grants them specific items/armor/abilities. They can also choose what map they want to PvP on. The format is 1vs1vs1vs1 FFA, where each player has 5 lives and the last player to remain in the arena will be crowned the winner.

Banned from server:

Being banned from the server is 99% of the time a result of typing into the chat in game to frequently. It will first warn you, then kick you and lastly ban you from the game if the behavior is continued. This is all done automatically using a server side custom plugin. If you are banned you can use the Unban Tool to have your account automatically unbanned. This tool can however only be used once every 24 hours. If you cannot have your account unbanned from the server and have purchased a rank from the VIP shop, you can contact our phone line on the contact page.


Ranks/VIP are features in the game that can be unlocked by paying money to the server. These ranks provide users an enhanced gaming expierence and access to our phone support lines. There are several tiers of ranks depending on the server type. For instance Plus starts at $10, While the highest tier rank Admin costs $185. There are several tiers inbetween those two ranks. If you purchase a lower tier rank and want to upgrade without paying the full price of the higher tier rank, You can do so on our Rank Upgrade page located in the Donation Panel. Each server type has it's own features that will be unlocked upon purchasing a rank/vip. For instance on the Uberminecraft build server, a player will receive the "Creative" gamemode for purchasing the admin rank. While on the survival games server a player will not receive the creative game mode, however they will start each survival games arena with lots of armor and weapons.

Creative Mode:

Creative Mode allows players to have access to a menu in game that contains 90% of all minecraft blocks in the game. This makes it extremely convienant for players when creating block designs. Creative mode also protects the player from all types of damage, and allows them to fly. To enter creative mode an enabled player can type /creative or /gamemode 1 playername, depending on the server. Players can enter creative mode if they pay for this feature on several select server types. Such as the Build server.

DisguiseCraft / Mob Disguise:

DisguiseCraft is a great plugin that allows players to morph into pretty much anything that is available in the game. For instance they can change their player to look like a pig, duck, Ender Dragon, TNT Block or another player. This plugin is implemented on a few of the server types including the Uberminecraft Build srver.

Shout Command:

The Shout command allows players to broadcast a message to the entire server. This is useful for setting up events, tracking down players or just having good fun. To shout on the server simply type ! before your mesasge ex. !hello everyone. This will display "hello everyone" to the entire server.


A prefix is what appears before your minecraft username in chat. For instance a user without a prefix will have their name as "Username". If a player has a prefix it may appear as [VIP]Username. Some servers allow users to set their own prefixes to include whatever they can think of. They can alter the color of their prefix and username using color codes, Set their name to bold or underlined. On almost all servers if a user purchases Plus/Enhanced/SubGM/GM/SubAdmin/Admin or VIP, this will appear before their name to indicate their donator status.


Mobs are a group of in game monsters such as Skeletons, Creepers, Zombies, Spiders, Blaze or any other hostile npc in the game. Mobs are naturally spawned on some minecraft servers such as Survival Games, Factions or the build server. Mobs have a tendancy to spawn in higher numbers in dark secluded areas. Mobs do not spawn naturally on a lot of servers within the minecraft serer community due to the lag they cause. Though the rate and cap of how many mobs can spawn are adjustable so all servers are generally unique in that sense.


Animals are non-hostile npcs that spawn across the map. Examples of animals include pigs, cows, chickens, sheep. Unlike Mobs aniamls tend to spawn in lighter areas depending on the animal. Animals can be utlized for different purposes. For instance a sheep can have wool removed using shears. Where cows can be harvested for their steak which heals the player.


The uberminecraft hub refers to the lobby area that contains all the portals which connect you to all the different server types. The hub can be accessed by type /server lobby. When you login to the server it always redirects you to the hub where you then must choose a portal to join a particular server type. The hub is the very foundation of what makes Uberminecraft so great, it allows you to simply have as the server address, and if you want to connect to play Minecraft Games you simply walk into the portal marked for that minecraft game type. The hub also contains information areas regarding employment with Uberminecraft and business opportunities.


There are about 15 different portals you can enter in the minecraft hub. Each portal connects you to a different minecraft server type. The current portals on the Uberminecraft hub are, Minecraft Games, SkyBlock, Infected, Craft Bros, CTF, Minecraft DayZ, Minecraft DayZ, Factions, Build, DOTA, Search and Destroy, Minecraft Team Fortress. There are new portals being added weekly and we hope to create the largest selection of minecraft styles under one hub.



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